//The Superhuman Series

The Superhuman Series


Immediately receive all of the released programs for the Series. Receive the remaining six months of programs on their official release dates noted below.


  • The Superhuman Challenge 1 (Aug 15th)
  • The Mannequin Challenge (Sept 15th)
  • The Superhuman Challenge 2 (Oct 15th)
  • Bring Sally Up (Nov 15th)
  • The Superhuman Challenge 3 (Dec 15th)
  • Survival Mode (Jan 15th)


you will have access to all the programs that have been released according to their release dates, as soon as you purchase. The remaining programs will be released to your account according to their release date.

Launch date



August 15th

The Superhuman Challenge 1


September 15th

The Mannequin Challenge

October 15th

The Superhuman Challenge 2

November 15th

Bring Sally Up

December 15th

The Superhuman Challenge 3

January 15th

Survival Mode



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